An automated hiring platform, because you're already busy enough.

Hiring employees takes time and effort. Let HireLoop automate mundane tasks and for you so you can focus on finding the perfect candidate. It's time for smarter hiring.

How does it work?


List your open position anywhere

List your job opening through your normal channels such as job boards, newspapers, etc. Just supply your custom HireLoop email address as the form of contact.


Collect and communicate in one place

Applicants funnel in through HireLoop. You can reject unqualified applicants with the click of a button, and we'll automatically notify them of their rejection. Viable candidates can be marked for more extensive review.


Review your applicants

Review and converse with your filtered list of applicants. Collaborate with your co-workers to rank and evaluate each of the candidates all in one place.


Pay per posting, not per hire

Hire the applicant who is the best fit for the position. Did you find more than one great candidate? Hire as many applicants as needed at no extra charge.


Quiet the noise after the position is closed

Mark the position as closed to stop accepting new applications, and we'll automatically respond with a gentle notification. Existing applicants will also be notified of the fulfillment of the position.

A sales-like pipeline for your hiring

Don't lose the applicants you want with complex application forms.

Apply via email

Applicants can apply with just an email address. Lower the barrier to entry for the great applicants, and confidently get them into your sales pipeline.

Centralized messaging and management

Tired of trying to keep track of and reply to job applicants in your email inbox?

We collect and manage your applicants for you so that you can focus on the parts that matter. Applicants still apply via email, but we manage things from there. Collaborate, rank, manage, and message all your applicants for all of your open positions in one place.

Be smarter about your hiring

Let us automatically enrich each application you receive.

No more searching for information on your applicants. We'll automatically look up and display useful information from location information to social media profiles.

Phones, tablets, and desktops

Works on any device.

Manage your applicants where it makes sense for you. Accessible on any Internet enabled device without restriction.

Built for the SMB

Powerful but simple.

Works on any device.
Manage your applicants from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Use email to accept applicants.
Applicants apply just like they always have; via email. Just use one of our email addresses.

Respond quickly.
Respond to applicants with our canned responses, or customize them to add more detail.

Quiet the noise.
We'll politely respond to applicants appropriately when you've closed the posting.

Share the burden.
Invite and collaborate with as many team members as you'd like. For free.

Communicate internally.
Add private notes to each application. Only you and your teammates will see them.

Who has read what?
See who has read which messages in a conversation.

Passive management.
We'll let you know when you have new applicants or unread messages that need your attention.


No monthly subscriptions. Pay for what you use.

  • Unlimited applicants, messaging, and hires
  • Rich information for every applicant
  • Aggregated daily email notifications
per position
  • All Basic features plus
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Mark a position as closed to mute further applications
  • Manually add applicants from other sources
  • Live chat and email support
  • Frequent New Features and Improvements
Need unlimited hiring?


Need unlimited hiring, or a customized solution? HireLoop was built with you in mind.

  • All Professional Features
  • No HireLoop Branding
  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited hiring
  • A Dedicated Account Manager

Make hiring delightful by closing the loop between hiring managers and every applicant. Automate the mundane tasks associated with screening job applicants, lowering the barrier for easy and clear communication.