How can HireLoop improve how you hire?

Stay Organized

Knowing where your applicants are in the hiring process shouldn't be manual.


Visibility with Kanban Boards

Never question where you're at with your hiring. HireLoop's customizable Kanban Boards provide a holistic view of an open position.

Use the filters to find the group of applicants you care about right now. You'll be able to act quickly and not let applicants fall through the cracks.


Ranking, labeling, messaging and more

Fine-grained controls allow you to customize HireLoop to fit your own hiring work-flows.

Save Time

Stop wasting time sending the same message to every applicant.


One-click Replies

Quick to access saved replies help you reduce the repetitiveness of sending the same or similar messages to each applicant.

Don't know what to say? We've got you covered with suggested replies.


Automated Pings

Stop worrying about keeping your applicants engaged. HireLoop will automatically reach out to applicant's who you haven't conversed with in a few days to make sure they're still interested.

What else?

The list gets longer every day. Check out our updates for the most recent improvements.

Works on any device.
Manage your applicants from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Import from your Inbox
Simply forward messages to your custom HireLoop email address to import them to HireLoop.

Respond quickly.
Respond to applicants with our suggested responses your own message.

Quiet the noise.
We'll politely respond to applicants appropriately when you've closed the posting.

Share the burden.
Invite and collaborate with as many team members as you'd like. For free.

Communicate internally.
Add private notes to each application. Only you and your teammates will see them.

Who has read what?
See who has read which messages in a conversation.

Passive management.
We'll let you know when you have new applicants or unread messages that need your attention.


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Already have applicants in your inbox? No problem, you can simply forward them to your HireLoop address and we'll handle the rest.

Make hiring delightful by closing the loop between hiring managers and every applicant. Automate the trivial tasks associated with screening job applicants, lowering the barrier for easy and clear communication.